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Welcome to Solace Psychiatry at Riverstone, the Mood and Behavioral Specialists. Our team of top clinicians is led by Prashant Gajwani, MD. Dr Gajwani has years of experience in academic and private practise psychiatry, conducting clinical trials and teaching countless psychiatry residents. He is Board-Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and an expert in Mood Disorders, including Bipolar Disorder. He is knowledgeable about and embraces the newest trends in medication and other treatment options to treat mood and behavioral disorders. Some of the treatment options available in our clinic include TMS and ketamine infusion therapy, both newer evidence-based interventions for treatment-resistant depression. We offer telepsychiatry when appropriate for the convenience of our established patients.

We are the only center of Psychiatric excellence in Houston (Cope Psychiatry) and provide expert consultation and innovative, evidence based psychiatric treatments. We offer Theta Burst Stimulation -the most advanced form of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Theta Burst mimics the natural endogenous "theta rhythm" of human brain and it is approved by FDA and has greatly reduced the 40min standard TMS treatment to approximately 3 min theta -burst session.


Services Provided by Solace Psychiatry At Riverstone


Diagnosis, treatment, prescription and, long term monitoring of a variety of psychiatric and behavioral conditions, including but not limited to

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TMS or “Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation” is a non-invasive FDA-cleared medical procedure for the treatment of depression in adults.

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Several types of psychotherapy (also called "talk therapy") can help people with depression, anxiety, ADHD and, other brain-based disorders

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Also for the treatment of depression, we offer ketamine intravenous infusions under skillful supervision in our office

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Telepsychiatry using video-conferencing technology is a validated and effective practice that increases access to care.

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Clinical trials

We believe in contributing to the ongoing research in psychiatry and have ongoing studies that our patients may choose to participate in.

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